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kitgordon ([personal profile] kitgordon) wrote2013-07-15 03:31 pm

small things, sad things

We had a nice weekend: dinner with Havura friends on Friday evening, and Theatre Pro Rata's VolunBEER party on Saturday (celebrating the contributions of folks who volunteer with the theatre, hosted by the company). Yummy eats both evenings. We also had a Theatre Pro Rata board meeting on Saturday, the first with new board members, which was wonderful--and another potential board member attended as well. The production of Emilie was a huge success and helped make both the budget for the year and a profit: what more could we ask! Let's hope we can keep the momentum going for the 2013-14 season.

My minor accomplishments since I retired have included cleaning out lots of areas of the condo, getting rid of things we don't need, and doing some re-organizing. Not thrilling stuff, but satisfying nonetheless.

Sad things: two friends learned recently that their husbands have cancer, so both couples are now going through lots of testing to be followed by whatever treatment plans seem optimal. Illnesses striking folks who have otherwise been healthy and active are very scary. I hope to be of help in any way I can in both cases. 

This week is going to be really hot, which does not make me a happy camper. They are also having a heat wave in Cornwall: their idea of a heat wave is temperatures in the low to mid 70s. I could live with a heat wave like that. Our window air conditioner does a decent job of keeping the condo comfortable. Tonight we'll escape for a bit as well: we're headed to the Riverview for our second viewing of Star Trek: Into Darkness.