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Ah, those best laid schemes to post more often have "gang aft agley," as they have a wont to do. So a few notes since last time: July was a lovely month except for the heat wave; it seemed to be a Daniel Abraham month in the books read category, since I read the third in his fantasy novel series, The Tyrant's Law, the fifth and final volume of his urban fantasy series (as M.L.N. Hanover), Graveyard Child, and the third and final volume of his space opera (with Ty Franck as James S.A. Corey), Abaddon's Gate. I enjoyed all three; both the urban fantasy and space opera concluded well, and I continue to enjoy the fantasy series; he's also a fine writer. I especially like the way in which he works religious issues into his work, since I'm apparently one of those "new, new atheists," who wants to continue to value the cultural contributions of religions, though while rejecting their literal truth.

I also read Elizabeth Knox's fine new YA novel, Mortal Fire, two books about WikiLeaks (one by Guardian journalists David Leigh and Luke Harding) and the second by Daniel Domscheit-Berg, who was involved in the project from very early on, but left in September 2010; both were very good, and gave interesting insights into the entire phenomenon, as well as into the character of Julian Assange (who is intriguingly complex, but I don't think I'd want to hang out with him). I do support what WikiLeaks did, and what it and other sites continue to do in term of getting the word out about nasty activities being done by governments, corporations, etc. I am unhappy about the verdict in the Bradley Manning case, though not surprised; at least the worst charge was not proven. Still waiting on the judge's sentence. 

We had a wonderful visit with Jane and Steven; saw some Fringe shows, caught up with The Great Gatsby at the Riverview, ate out a few times, had a gathering with friends. All good. They're back in New Mexico now; next Saturday, Steven has his big aikido test that will certify him (I am confident) as the Aikido equivalent of "black belt."  Later today, we're going with Jonah and Molly for a short trip to her family's cabin; will get back some time Monday. Bob's not sure he can survive without wi-fi, but he'll manage. If we're lucky, the sky will be clear on Sunday night and we might get a glimpse (or more) of the Perseid meteor shower.

Still spending a good deal of time volunteering at the library, and have been persuaded to serve out the remaining term of the treasurer in the library's Friends organization (I said I was good at balancing my checkbook, though I am without any other financial expertise; apparently that was enough). Will start prepping dramaturgical/study guide info for Theatre Pro Rata's fall production of Brecht's Good Woman of Setzuan.

Currently reading: C. J. Sansom's Heartstone; currently watching: Masterpiece Contemporary series The Last Enemy (all too relevant after Edward Snowden's whistle-blowing).

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