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The subject line is the title of a volume of William Stafford's selected poems, and suits the time of the year all too well. I generally love the move into darkness that marks autumn from the equinox to the winter solstice, although this year has been more challenging than most--something to do, I think, with the early onslaught of wintery weather we experienced in November, and a rather staggering run of overcast days. Though I've never noticed any seasonal affective disorder in the past, something is going on this year. I just renewed my Dreamwidth account (which cross-posts to Live Journal), so thought an entry would be appropriate. I'm not too sure why I continue to maintain the accounts, since I so rarely post, but I believe in what they do, so that shall be sufficient for now. Today has been very quiet (and overcast!). The weekend will be quite full with Theatre Pro Rata-related events. And in a world that continues to whirl us too, too quickly through too many horrifying events (and some wonderful ones as well), we must go on, trying our best to do what we can to repair the world. Here's the poem the line comes from:

A Ritual to Read to Each Other

If you don't know the kind of person I am
and I don't know the kind of person you are
a pattern that others made may prevail in the world
and following the wrong god home we may miss our star.

For there is many a small betrayal in the mind,
a shrug that lets the fragile sequence break
sending with shouts the horrible errors of childhood
storming out to play through the broken dike.

And as elephants parade holding each elephant's tail,
but if one wanders the circus won't find the park,
I call it cruel and maybe the root of all cruelty
to know what occurs but not recognize the fact.

And so I appeal to a voice, to something shadowy,
a remote important region in all who talk:
though we could fool each other, we should consider--
lest the parade of our mutual life get lost in the dark.

For it it important that awake people be awake,
or a breaking line may discourage them back to sleep;
the signals we give--yes or no, or maybe--
should be clear: the darkness around us is deep.


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