Jan. 6th, 2012

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The best twelfth night gift arrived Wednesday evening: daughter Jane home for a short visit--she leaves very early next Tuesday morning. Jane, Jonah, Molly, and I went to the "1968" exhibit at the Minnesota Historical Society yesterday; they found it interesting, I found it hard to relive (but I'm very glad I went). Then home to meet up with Bob, and off to Namaste for a late lunch/early dinner. In the evening, Bob, Jane, and I went to the Bryant-Lake Bowl for Raucous Caucus II--seven ten-minute plays on political themes; great fun. This morning, Bob and Jane went to LA Fitness (where Bob's a member), while I took a long walk, stopping at Rustica on the way back to get some "real bread," as Jane calls it: one Rustic loaf, one olive (yum). No other big plans for the visit; Jane's off to lunch with a friend now, and has some others lined up to see over the next few days. I'm certainly enjoying taking the extra days off work; I'll head back on Tuesday, when we'll be doing interviews for a "communication specialist" position. We also learned earlier this week that one of the members of the advising staff has taken a new position that begins very soon, which means we'll be dealing with another search soon. (And, of course, the students all arrive back on January 17; well, we won't be bored!)


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