Jul. 4th, 2013

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Went to see Joss Whedon's Much Ado about Nothing yesterday with Jonah and Molly and really enjoyed it. Odd to see it set in the present given the military references, etc., but that was easily ignored given the quality of the performances and the clarity of the language (nice job there! most impressive, as were the performances all round). I liked some of the choices made for various characters. Since this is a play I've seen multiple times (as well as seeing Branagh's film version multiple times as well), I could recite most of the text with the characters, which was fun. I did not do this aloud, of course.

Last night was a Camino Real dress rehearsal, and this morning at 11 am, we had a final dress/preview for a small invited audience; both went well--a good thing, since tomorrow is opening night.

For a final holiday event, we're off the Riverview Theater to see Iron Man 3 shortly. We probably won't do fireworks, since we were both up early this morning, and I have mixed responses to Independence Day; I love the promise of it, but am regularly disappointed in our supposedly representative government, busy spying on other nations as well as its own citizens, and prosecuting whistle blowers who are, in my view, better patriots than those who are attacking them.  


kitgordon: the atlantic near st just (Default)

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