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We will be doing an atypical Thanksgiving this year, though it's one we've done in the past. Jonah and Molly, Bob and I will be going to a movie (Life of Pi) and then having our Thanksgiving dinner at the Darbar Grill, an Indian restaurant on Lake Street. I think we started doing this initially when we still had a traditional meal, but we'd go to a movie while the turkey was cooking. Then, when Bob started visiting his family in Los Angeles over the holiday weekend, Jane and Jonah and I started doing it. No worries about cooking; our only real regret is the lack of leftovers, but since we are only two at home now, that's not a major issues. We always have lots of leftovers (though not turkey), since whatever we cook usually serves for two or three meals. I'm thankful for a successful election, a wonderful family, many good friends, employment (though anticipating retirement now in just over six months), and the many wonderful things that makes this a beautiful world. I'm also thankful for all the people who are committed to making it an even more beautiful and equitable one.


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