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Jan. 9th, 2013 03:34 pm
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Ah, yes, another year, another post (it does feel that way at times, since I'm not a very active contributor anywhere online). But since I just took the opportunity to vote in the poll about end-of-year donations, I thought I might as well put down a thought or two. This year is especially interesting because I will make a dramatic life change when I retire at the end of May--after 40 years at the University if we include my time as a student. Most of it has been wonderful, with the occasional bump in the road along the way. I hope these last few months will be both enjoyable and productive. Everyone's first question after they learn about my retirement is "what are you going to do?" That is the question. Spend more time reading, volunteering, working on theater projects, traveling, hanging with friends. Bob and I are still considering the possibility of moving abroad for at least a while--mostly in order to make travel easier (if you're already on the other side of the Atlantic, traveling to other parts of Europe, the Middle East, etc. is simpler and cheaper). And I've been dreaming of living in Cornwall since my very first visit there in 1978. We shall see. For the immediate future, in addition to work, I have my on-going commitments as a board member (and occasional dramaturg/research guru) at Theatre Pro Rata, and I'm working at present as the dramaturg for a production of Shakespeare's All's Well that Ends Well that will run from mid-February to early March at Theatre in the Round. We'll also be flying to Albuquerque for Jane's MFA show and presentation, and then to Los Angeles for a few days with Bob's family. So life will continue to be interesting.
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