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kitgordon ([personal profile] kitgordon) wrote2013-03-31 05:31 pm


Walked around Lake Calhoun this afternoon; temperature 39F, but it was very windy, so felt colder. Sunny, though, which was lovely. And coming into the courtyard of our condo development, I saw my first robin: so spring may indeed be arriving. Yesterday was lovely and warmer (55F I believe). We saw _Argo_, which was quite good. I'm now especially interested in seeing the documentary about the same story, _Science Fiction Land_, to which I contributed a bit via Kickstarter. Just watched the pilot for _Sherlock_, and will watch the full first episode shortly; it should be fun to check out the differences. I read a bit about them in the _Sherlock Case Book_. As of today, it's two months until I retire; I may attempt to write a bit more about all this, but we shall see. I am not a very faithful journal keeper.