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So, I have completed my first week of retirement, in which I:
volunteered at Washburn Library twice, went to Camino Real rehearsals Monday through Thursday evenings, helped host and attended the opening night of Theatre Pro Rata's Emilie: The Marquise du Chatelet Defends Her Life Tonight (if you live in the Twin Cities, go! it's splendid), took two walks around Lake Calhoun (one with good pal Beverly), got a haircut, practiced the lute every day, had a lute lesson, did some reading. I also regularly checked email and other social media, and had a little fun exploring Sherlock fan fiction. I think I'll be able to adjust to this life. In other news, very talented daughter Jane is part of an "emerging artists" exhibition in Albuquerque. It opened last night, and she not only received one of four monetary prizes, she was also invited to prepare a solo exhibition to accompany the 2014 emerging artists show. We'll be seeing son Jonah and daughter-in-law Molly later today (after today's Camino Real rehearsal) at an informal gathering for Jonah's good buddy Ethan and his bride-to-be Kay near Lake Nokomis. And this evening, we're off to Nimbus to see Tesla!


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