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Apr. 16th, 2017 01:24 am
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A note for my future reference: Last week was the first day it felt to me like spring was really, firmly here this year. We'd been having the occasional springlike day for several weeks, but it hadn't ever felt like it was totally spring with no winter lurking behind it.

(I suppose a winter picture isn't the most appropriate icon for this post, but I don't have an icon that says "It's spring!" to me.)

Minicon 52

Apr. 16th, 2017 01:08 am
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I've noticed that when I look back at old entries in my journal, some bring back memories while other entries are very detailed recountings of things I've totally forgotten. In the last several years I've moved away from that style of journaling, and I don't mean to imply that I'm going back to it regularly (since I expect to continue to just drop in from time to time, at least while I'm still in school) but here is one more detailed entry. (That is, one entry that is more detailed, not one more entry that is detailed. Though both are true. Can you tell I'm somewhat sleepy?)

I'm having an excellent Minicon! I think this is my eleventh--I know my first one was Minicon 42, since that's an easy number to remember, and I think I've been to every Minicon since then but I may have missed a couple of the earlier ones and forgotten.

Friday night Katie and I went to Brother Guy's talk on life in an absolute (benevolent) monarchy, i.e. the Vatican. I'm glad she spotted it on the program, since I hadn't looked at the program at all yet. It was, unsurprisingly, very enjoyable. One of the things he talked about was the amount of maintenance old buildings require, i.e. lots. At the end he also mentioned two books or series that get monarchy right: Sarah Monette's/Katherine Addison's The Goblin Emperor and P.C. Hodge's God Stalk. I haven't read the latter yet, but I think I will. I already know The Goblin Emperor is excellent in other ways, so it's nice to know it did so well with the depiction of monarchy.

This morning I moderated a panel on How To Spot A Fan, with [personal profile] elisem and [personal profile] barondave. There were a number of directions we could have taken that panel, and I enjoyed seeing how it developed. Also, we started the panel with two audience members and ended with three and a half times as many (including the first two, who didn't leave) so I call that a win!

I had lunch with Katherine Levine--we were chatting after the panel and I invited her to join me for lunch. I enjoyed that! I hadn't met her before, at least not to talk to.

In the afternoon I went to the Ask A Scientist panel for the first time--I know the panel is a tradition, but I hadn't been to it; then watched Elise's table for a while (and chatted with Katie and Jeanne M); then went to [personal profile] pameladean's reading and heard some of the Liavek novel she's working on, plus part of a short story about some of the characters from The Dubious Hills. I was unsurprised to enjoy both the things she read from, and to want more of them. :-)

Then Katie and I had supper with [personal profile] mrissa and Mark at Parma 8200, with delicious food and even better company. (Which is saying something! I had salmon with zucchini and roasted tomato, and the flavors worked really well together.)

After supper Katie and I went back to the convention in time for most of Elise's reading of Mike Ford's work. I didn't recognize the piece she was reading when we walked in--something with a baron and a countess and an Ace and a spaceship launch?--but enjoyed it despite having missed the beginning. Then I went to Dean and Laura's social media party for a bit, as is tradition, and then came home. That is, to Katie's. :-) In the morning I'll go back and moderate the Fannish Hobbies panel, which should also be fun.

I am enjoying being back among My People for the weekend. That reminds me of one of the things that came up during the How To Spot A Fan panel. I realized during the panel that I considered myself an SF fan quite a while before I attended my first convention, but sometime after that convention my definition changed: the label "fan" that I applied to myself no longer meant "someone who enjoys these books" but "someone who is part of a community of people who enjoy these books (and movies and TV shows and and and)." It was a good change.

P.S. This is the first entry I haven't crossposted to LiveJournal. I created my account there in the middle of 2003, and it was a tremendous part of my social life for years afterward. I don't plan to delete my account--it's a permanent account, and I don't want to give them that--but I do plan to delete or overwrite my entries there, most likely overwrite them with a message about the journal having moved here to Dreamwidth.
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Stories are now revealed for the Worldbuilding Exchange 2017, so here is my post talking about what I wrote, a Leverage fic called Pseudonyms Are Expected (You can find my recs over here).

I wanted to make a few more comments about process of writing, so here's that post (which I've also linked to from the comments of the story.)

Should anyone want to write other installments of this list, have fun with it! I did not get to write all the sections I wanted to.

(If there is a background conceit on why these were collected, I think Hardison gave them to Sophie as a present, sometime after the last message.)

Structural notes )

Let's have a salon

Apr. 12th, 2017 08:00 am
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Several years ago, I ran a series of weekly salon posts, where I'd post a topic to get us started, people would show up in the comments, and conversation would ensue. Now seems a good time to try them again!

(You should not feel restrained to keep on this topic! Start other topics! Encourage topic drift! That's part of the point. Feel free to ask random questions, there's a chance someone might know about the thing.)

This week's question

What are you learning right now that you're really interested by? (That might be a project for work, for personal stuff, a gaming geekery thing, a book you're reading, a podcast you're listening to, the fact you're learning a lot about Dreamwidth and how it works this week, or anything else.)

What do you like about it? What are you finding more challenging?

Things currently contemplating

I'm currently reading Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic by Sam Quinones, which is well-researched and has a really interesting structure where he's looking at different pieces of it through small slices (individual people, towns, situations) and tracing back to the origins as much as possible. I really like books where the information part is well done, but the structure creates connections between pieces of information in helpful and new ways.


* Consider this a conversation in my living room, only with a lot more seating. I reserve the right to redirect, screen, and otherwise moderate stuff, but would vastly prefer not to have to.
* If this works this week, I'll do an updated FAQ and continue.
* If you don't have a DW account or want to post anonymously, please include a name we can call you in this particular post. (You can say AnonymousOne or your favourite colour or whatever. Just something to help keep conversations clear.)
* If you've got a question or concern, feel free to PM me.


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