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Well, opening night went very well and we've already had two positive reviews (on the How Was the Show? site and on the  Twin Cities Daily Planet--both online publications), which is delightful. Both critics, John Olive and Matt Everett recognize the challenges the show offers--and the fact that it may not appeal to everyone--but they both encourage audiences to see it. What more can one ask? I'll be working at the show on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons throughout the run, and also plan to be there for the strike following the final performance on Saturday, July 27. At some point, I'll definitely plan to watch it again; I find it a fascinating show.

Last night I finished reading Kate Atkinson's latest novel, Life after Life, which was very compelling. I really liked what she was doing with the narrative, and the multiple life/story lines she explored. The second world war sections were, not surprisingly, the most powerful, but all of it was intriguing, fascinating, what have you. She is an amazing writer. I've read quite a few of her novels, though not the earliest ones; I may have to go back and check those out as well.

This afternoon I saw the encore screening of the National Theatre Live's The Audience, with the amazing Helen Mirren. An intricate, politically fascinating exploration of Queen Elizabeth II's relationships with a variety of her prime ministers, explored through the completely off-the-record weekly audiences she has with them. The playwright, Peter Morgan (who was interviewed during the intermission), essentially used what factual knowledge we have about events at the various periods (both public and personal) to imagine the conversations that may have occurred. He talked about exploring "truth" rather than "accuracy," and did, I think, a fine job. I got a real sense of the people behind the positions; performances, not surprisingly, were excellent. They also did a promotion for an upcoming screening: Othello with Adrian Lester and Rory Kinnear, which looks terrific. Adrian Lester was my favorite Hamlet (in Peter Brooks's production, which we saw in Chicago) in the year in which I saw, I think, four different productions of the play. They'll also be doing Kenneth Branagh's Macbeth later this year, and the Donmar's production of Coriolanus with Tom Hiddleston and Mark Gatiss in January.

I just went to the National Theatre Live website to see where they screen the plays in the UK, and (oh, joy!) there are screenings in Truro, as well as many other spots. But that's the best spot in Cornwall--and even a place where we've looked at living, though I'd still like to be further west. But we shall see.